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Distance (Naruto ver.) by Takeuchi Junko

im bike trash

searches “how can i get a cinnamon roll delivered to me right now” into google




I’m in a bit of a financial bind this week and I need to pay bills! For the next few days, I’ll be taking on quick sketch commissions to make the money I need.

  • 8 slots
  • ranging from full-color sketch figures to b+w sketch busts!
  • no porn but nudity is all good
  • LIGHNING FAST turnaround time!

I’m going to try to finish these commissions as quickly and with the highest quality I can! Other commissions from prior clients are being worked on simultaneously!

To see what kind of skills I have to offer, check out my art tag. If you have any more questions about my commissions, check out my Commissions FAQ.

Send me a message and let’s talk! My paypal email for up-front payment is maddigonzalez.art@gmail.com!

Thank you!

You’re probably going to see me reblogging this a lot because I need a decent amount of money! If I fill up each of my slots I should be in the clear! Please consider helping me out!


log [10] (by tanaka)


azúcar azúcar is a story about a 16 year old kid named selena valdez who (accidentally) becomes a magical girl and this is it’s12-page prologue! you can buy it here on gumroad / sellfy or even get a physical copy from my storenvy


Do they make these in my size